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Exciting mix of iconic styles

The fashion and design world is turned upside down as new influencers, bloggers, vloggers rise up and use their creativity and power to bring us, fresh and inspiring ideas. The fashion industry has always been a keen follower of street fashion. Today big designers and leading fashion houses carefully watch trends on social media and follow influential instragrammers in the same way.

With this in mind Carlucci has taken an inspirational mix of ideas and influences to create a new eclectic and invigorating fabrics and wallpapers collection.

The collection is based around three inspirational pillars: Geometric design, Asian influences and Italian fashion design. Design inspiration was found in 16th century Chinoiserie and Japanese art but also in Renaissance Italy and mid century European interior design. Creating a subtle juxtaposition of patterns, colours and textures. Showcasing contemporary design on a backdrop of classical architecture and interiors. East meets West, contemporary meets antique, and colour meets black and white.

Black and white designs are the core of the collection as they can be combined perfectly with bold colours and excentric patterns. The Gelato Velvet a high gloss, crushed velvet is the perfect partner to the geometric patterns and the Asian inspired prints.

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This is a small selection of the different prints, patterns, colours and textures you will find in the Carlucci Influences fabrics collection. Be inspired and discover the wonderful and varied world of Carlucci.

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