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Compose in pattern & colour, find your design identity

We would like to expand your point of view. With atmosphere we created a new perspective. We are recreating a sleek and sophisticated yet warm and nostalgic atmosphere. Combining great classic design and architecture with luscious contemporary fabrics. With Carlucci Atmosphere we are paying homage to the modernist legacy, by juxtaposing the highly decorative fabrics with their functional environment. This contrast in design and philosophy sharpens the mind and provokes the imagination.

This collection encompasses a range of different styles, textures and colours. Elaborate jacquards are combined with luxurious velvets in enriched colours. Opulent finishes and intricate surfaces give the fabrics a unique quality and a sensational character.

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classic design & exquisite materials

Classic design is combined with a soft deep velvet in this fashion inspired collection. Architectural repetition can be found in the different patterns. These highly decorative fabrics include, tiled, dotted and scribbled designs. Each design is woven in two colours creating an elegant graphic appearance.

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delicate & intricate

These show-stopping fabrics include fashion inspired qualities and designs. Beautiful intricate small all-over designs are woven in a sophisticated satin. The delicate designs, such as a small dot, a meander and a larger ‘pixelated’ design are formed in two contrasting colours. The inspiration for this collection came from gentlemen’s neck ties and handkerchiefs. Use these classic designs in vibrant colours, such as bottle green, electric blue and magnificent orange to add colour, elegance and vibrance to your interior. These fabrics are all room-high so are great for curtains.

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casual chic: raffia & linen

These exciting raffia like qualities are highly luxurious and have a deep three-dimensional feel and an opulent layered look. This high-fashion article comes directly off the runway and was inspired by contemporary handbag fashion. The natural look fibres are dyed in colours ranging from subtle non-colours to optimistic statement colours such as electric blue, enriched green and vivid orange.

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sophisticated & strong

These two-tone fabrics are very strong and durable. They have a subtle shine. Different textures are included, ranging from a very fine weave to a more coarse rugged woven quality. Metallic colours, including copper, bronze, gold and platinum were chosen to highlight the contrast in matte and gloss.

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rich textured velvets

This dyed velvet is foil embossed with a delicate pattern, giving it an almost three-dimensional look. The other is dyed with a bi-colour technique creating fine stripes. Subtle non-colours are highlighted with deep, strong contemporary colours.

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abstract, graphic prints

Op art, geometric shapes and abstract graphics form the basis of this eyecatching print collection. Different base cloth was chosen for each of the different patterns. Some are printed on very sheer and transparent qualities for a very subtle accent. Others are printed in soft metallic colours on an opaque satin base for a sophisticated elegant look. Natural earthy and faded colours were chosen as well as a few eye-catchers like cobalt blue, bright orange, acid yellow and bottle green.

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casual chic: raffia & linen

This contemporary micro-fibre fabric is printed with a high gloss animal print design. This creates a leather look effect on a soft material.The heat seal print is very glossy, giving it a lacquered look. Which creates a high contrast with the matte base material. Although this fabric is very suitable for upholstery it can also be used for curtains with a spectacular look.

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classic & timeless

Two classic designs, in beautiful soft non-colours. These jacquard woven fabrics are suitable for both upholstery and curtains. Combine these linen look qualities with linen curtains for a delicate look.

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This is a small selection of the different prints, patterns, colours and textures you will find in the Carlucci Atmosphere fabrics collection. Be inspired and discover the wonderful and varied world of Carlucci.

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