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An eclectic style, rich colours, bold geometric shapes, exuberant cultural energy, and lavish design all characterise this fabrics and wallpaper collection by Carlucci. The collection is a diverse mix of clean lines, varied textures and structures, and a bohemian atmosphere including bold animal prints and velvets.

Inspiration for this collection was found right across the 20th century, starting with Bauhaus and Art Deco architecture and art, including sixties and seventies design and finishing with the eclectic energy of the eighties and nineties.

With this collection, Carlucci pushes the boundaries of interior design and provides you with a unique and diverse pallet of fabrics and wallpapers to work with. Be innovative and create an avant garde look.

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The Switch

Soft, natural & classic

This is an unmissable natural quality. The robust fabric has a natural feel and a very soft shine. The fabric is available in a broad spectrum of contemporary colours. Combine the exuberant colours with the different fabrics in this collection for a complete look.

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Design, retro & revolutionary

This design velvet has bold patterns. The patterns come to life because of the structure. The seventies inspired designs are bold but sophisticated due to the velvet on a contrasting metallic base.

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Washed Lover

Washed, contemporary & robust

Rich linen quality dyed in deep two-toned colours as well as traditional linen and natural colours. The soft fabric has a rugged washed appearance.

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Bold, wild & intricate

This must-have collection has classic animal prints in contrasting colours on high-end velvets. The rich velvets have diverse patterns ranging from classic zebra and leopard prints to intricate feather and snake-skin designs. The lavish velvets in neutral colours can be accompanied by rich colours such as emerald greens, marsala reds, and cobalt blues for an extrovert look.

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Striking, monochrome & clean

Graphic design and clean lines of the Art Deco period were the inspiration for this striking design velvet in abstract patterns. Large geometric designs can be combined with small all-over patterns in a combination of monochrome and contrasting colours. This is an epingle viscose where the pile is cut after weaving creating the velvet effect. This method offers much more flexibility in choosing different weaves and structures.

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Luxurious, rugged & adventurous

Luxurious very heavy linen upholstery fabric in a selection of plains and beautiful abstract designs. Including a knitted look design and a kelim-like design. The fabrics are woven using the highest-quality Belgian linen. Some of the fabrics have been stonewashed to give them a special soft feel and vintage look.

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Extravagant, ultra soft & rich

Decadent collection of beautiful fur-look qualities. The shaggy look fabrics are great for throws and pillows, but can also be used for decorative upholstery. The fabric has a backing giving it more volume and is perfect to use for throws and bedspreads. There is no need to use an extra liner. The inspiration for this collection can be found in the luxury mountain chalets of resorts such as Aspen and Davos.

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Versatile, suede-look, double sided

Suede look fabric in bold colours. Wonderfully versatile and can be used for all kinds of upholstery. The fabric can be used on both sides giving you two shades to choose from with each length. Because the fabric is double-sided it has a much heavier, voluminous feel.

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Classic, leather-look, robust

Versatile composite fabric with a genuine leather look and backing for easy upholstering. Great classic that is unmissable in any collection. The extra heavy backing gives it a more voluminous feel. Easy to use for furniture but also for accessories such as cushions and headboards.

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This is a small selection of the different prints, patterns, colours and textures you will find in the Carlucci AvantGarde fabrics collection. Be inspired and discover the wonderful and varied world of Carlucci.

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